Woodwind Quintet Winds Aloft Touring Slovenia

Winds Aloft at Bled

The U.S. Embassy in Ljubljana was pleased to host the United States Air Force woodwind quintet, Winds Aloft in Slovenia. A 5-day tour included school visits and performances in different parts of the country. This outstanding cultural exchange program included six public engagements in different parts of Slovenia. Winds Aloft is based in Ramstein Air base in Germany and performs in a variety of environments, everywhere from more intimate settings to concert halls. Their repertoire consists of a variety of music style, including classical, jazz, Broadway and touch of ragtime. On their tour in Slovenia they brought good cheer to audiences in Kranj, Ljubljana, Nova Gorica and Maribor. They also performed at the Center for Education and Rehabilitation of Physically Handicapped Children and Adolescents in Kamnik, where they conducted a wonderful joint visit with the U.S. Ambassador to Slovenia, Lynda Blanchard. These U.S. Air Force musicians demonstrate the best of the U.S. military bands, and American culture through excellent music and comradery. And in return, they get an opportunity to learn more about the culture of the country they are visiting by interacting with multiple generations in numerous locales!