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U.S. Mission Speaker Program
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U.S. Mission Speaker Program


Traveling to the United States is the best way to get to know America. But short of that, you can get the flavor of America right here in Slovenia. The U.S. Embassy in Ljubljana has established a Speaker Program, offering your group the chance to hear from Americans first-hand on the topics of interest to you. Our goal is to get American diplomats out of the office and in front of the people who want to hear from them. We want to demystify the work we do in Slovenia and acquaint you with the Americans who live and work beside you in various Slovenian communities. Diplomacy is not only shaping policy … it’s sharing experience. Many of our Embassy staff come to Slovenia with varied and extensive academic, cultural and professional backgrounds.

Whether you’re interested in life in America or U.S. foreign policy, the Embassy has someone who can speak on the issue. We’re looking for a wide range of audiences! Embassy speakers are happy to volunteer their time.

The U.S. Embassy also introduced this program to give teachers and students the possibility to meet and talk to diplomats of the U.S. Embassy in Ljubljana. Visits may be structured to meet curriculum needs, and the discussions are generally conducted in English. The speakers present a short overview of a particular subject relating to American society – e.g. popular culture, the educational system, domestic politics, daily life – as well as issues pertaining to international affairs, or talk more generally about their lives (their jobs, the schools and universities they attended, their hometowns) and then open the floor to discussion and questions.

If you would be interested in taking advantage of this opportunity, please contact us by e-mail or phone: (01) 200 55 00 for more information and to make arrangements. If possible, we would like to know if there are particular topics your class would like to discuss.