U.S. Mission Speaker Program – September 2018

Stephanie Barrett-Zebre and U.S. Marine Sergeant Eddie Montano visit OŠ Dragomelj

Our first school visit of the new school year took us to a middle school in Videm, OŠ Dobrepolje. Stephanie Barret-Zebre introduced the state of Hawaii, and spoke about more than 30 other states that she has lived in or visited. After her presentation that was packed with beautiful scenery from Hawaii, she answered questions from more than 50 eager students on a wide variety of topics. She even tried to answer some questions in Slovene!

During our second visit this year, we went to the middle school OŠ Dragomelj for the first time. On a cold September morning, Stephanie Barrett-Zebre made us dream of warm summer days during her presentation on beautiful Hawaii, while U.S. Marine Sergeant Eddie Montano told the students what the daily life of a Marine looks like. At the end of the visit, they both answered many students’ questions about the United States and told them how much they loved living in Slovenia and working with the Slovenian people!