U.S. Mission Speaker Program – October 2018

We visited six schools in October!

General Service Officer Julia Stanley visited the High School for Health Care in Celje. Ms. Stanley served in the Air Force and lived in 12 different countries worldwide. Her nomadic life was a source of many interesting stories and adventures that she shared with the students.  She also talked about her experience as a nurse working for the U.S. government.

Political and Economic Counselor Laura Anderson visited the School of Economics Ljubljana where she discussed the activities of the U.S. Embassy in Ljubljana, focusing on economic activities.  She also briefly introduced the U.S. economy, U.S.-Slovenian trade, and Department of Commerce activities.  After her presentation there was a lively discussion on current economic issues. The students were also interested in what it meant to be a diplomat.

In Lendava, Deputy Public Affairs Officer Brian Street met with two groups of students from the Bilingual Slovene-Hungarian High School.  A discussion with 60 Gimnazija (general high school) students was followed by a discussion with 40 Vocational School Students.  DPAO Street described the life of an American diplomat, and answered questions about U.S. food, culture, travel, and education.

Deputy Public Affairs Officer Brian Street also visited a Technical High School in Koper to offer more than 80 students a presentation on the Embassy’s different functions in Slovenia, and answered a variety of questions about his personal and career life, political systems and diplomacy, his opinion on Slovenia, and the Slovenian language.

Stephanie Barrett-Zebre visited two schools,  OŠ Jožeta Krajca in Rakek and OŠ Pivka and delivered engaging presentations on the state of Hawaii, including its flag, major industries, attractions, food, traditional culture, environment, animals, volcanos, and beautiful beaches.  At the end of the visit, she answered many students’ questions about Hawaii and the United States and left all the students dreaming of white sand beaches and tropical weather!