U.S. Mission Speaker Program – November 2017


Deputy Public Affairs Officer Izaak Martin visited the Vocational College for Food Technology at Biotechnical Educational Center in Ljubljana where he discussed different foods in the United States. His presentation was also focused on New York diverse food options as a result of diverse New York City culture and impact of French and Creole cuisine in New Orleans.

Ambassador Hartley and Consular Chief Amy Lorenzen met with students from the University of Ljubljana Faculty of Law. The wide-ranging discussion covered topics ranging from international and consular law to the functions of a diplomatic mission and the role of a diplomat.

Political Officer William Baker introduced his (and former President Clinton’s) home state of Arkansas to 9th graders at OŠ Toneta Čufarja in Ljubljana and answered many students’ questions on different topics.

General Service Officer Julia Stanley visited OŠ Stranje in Stahovica together with Marine Security Guards Cpl. Nicholas Jackson and Sgt. Eddie Montano to introduce their private and professional lives to the students and share some interesting stories from serving in missions worldwide.

U.S. Embassy Intern Alia Flanigan visited OŠ Komenda Moste for the school’s English Language Weekend. She told the students about the forthcoming American holiday of Thanksgiving and also about her home state of New Jersey. A lively conversation followed with the students about many different topics, interesting to the teenagers.

To celebrate International Education Week, Deputy Public Affairs Officer Izaak Martin and Darinka Trček from the EducationUSA at the Public Scholarship, Development, Disability and Maintenance Fund of the Republic of Slovenia visited two groups of students at the Second Gymnasium in Maribor (II. Gimnazija Maribor). The first group of students were focused on specific details of studying in the USA (selecting schools, getting scholarships, filling out the application forms) and the second group was more interested in general outline of the US Educational system.
Darinka Trček from EducationUSA also visited a Technical High School in Koper, together with Embassy intern Alia Flaningan, a student of international relations and French at Manhattan College. After introducing study in the U.S., scholarships, tests, and the EducationUSA information center in Ljubljana to about 90 students, they then fielded students’ questions. The students were very much interested in studying in the U.S. and their numerous questions continued even after the visit in the classroom.

You can read more about the U.S. Mission Speaker Program here.