U.S. Mission Speaker Program – May 2018

We visited seven Slovenian schools in May!

Political Officer Christopher Mondloch and U.S. Marine Security Guards Sgt. Eddie Montano and Cpl. Nicholas Jackson visited OŠ Žetale.  Ninety students from ages from 6 to 14, along with the school’s principal and teachers, welcomed the three, who introduced themselves, talked about the activities of the U.S. Embassy, offered some facts about the United States, and answered many student questions.

Assistant Public Affairs Officer Izaak Martin and U.S. Marine Sergeant Eddie Montano visited OŠ Ketteja in Murna in Ljubljana to discuss with students the various activities of the U.S. Embassy, present their hometowns in the U.S., and offer comparisons between the U.S. and Slovenia. They answered a lot of great questions from the students.

Regional Security Officer David Gallagher and U.S. Marine Security Guard Sgt. Eddie Montano visited Gimnazija Jesenice where they introduced the activities of the U.S Embassy and the work of American diplomats in an interesting way. The high school students asked so many questions we extended our visit for quite a while.

Public Affairs Officer Philip Beekman joined Slovenian and international students of foreign policy from the Faculty of Social Sciences for a discussion about foreign policy implementation from a practitioner’s perspective.  He discussed the embassy’s work in public diplomacy and communications and answered students’ questions.

General Service Officer Julia Stanley and U.S. Marine Security Guard Sgt. Eddie Montano visited the High School for Health Care in Rakičan, Murska Sobota and OŠ Fram.  At the High School for Health Care Julia Stanley talked about her experience as a nurse during Operation Desert Storm, and discussed students’ perceptions of American teenagers and Julia’s experience raising three boys.  Sgt. Montano talked about what he thinks are the most interesting parts of working at the U.S. Embassy.

Julia Stanley started a discussion with the students at OŠ Fram asking them whether they are aware of the fact that American teenagers are not like how they are portrayed on television and in the movies.  A lively discussion continued with Julia talking about discipline, rules, andher own children’s response to them.  Sgt. Montano gave the students firsthand information on how it is to live in a multicultural and multilingual family in the U.S.

Embassy community member Lea Baker, and Marine Security Guards Sgt. Jonathan Trei and Sgt. Eddie Montano visited with than 100 middle school students at OŠ Škofljica.  Mrs. Baker prepared an interesting presentation on interesting facts about the U.S. presidents. The Marines briefly introduced themselves and all three answered many student questions about life in the United States.