U.S. Mission Speaker Program – March 2018

We visited students at nine different Slovenia schools in March!  Assistant Public Affairs Officer Izaak Martin, U.S. Marine Security Guards Sergeant Eddie Montano and Sergeant Jonathan Trei visited Gimnazija Nova Gorica to talk to about 140 high school students about various Embassy activities, their hometowns, and offered some comparisons between Slovenia and the United States. They also answered students’ questions.  After meeting the students, a discussion on different topics continued with the Principle and English language teachers. Thank you for the great hospitality!

Political Officer William Baker introduced the American Presidency to the middle school OŠ Bistrica near Tržic and OŠ Marije Vere in Kamnik.  U.S. Marine Security Guard Sergeant Eddie Montano also joined him to entertain the students with many interesting stories from his professional life.  The students at both schools asked a lot of great questions.

U.S. Embassy Intern Valerie Cariello visited OŠ Franja Goloba Prevalje and OŠ Laško (where the students from OŠ Rimske Toplice also has joined the group) to introduce the U.S. Embassy in Slovenia activities and answer many student questions on different topics.  U.S. Marine Security Guards Sergeant Eddie Montano joined Valerie at OŠ Laško and entertained about 50 students with interesting stories from his professional life.

Deputy Chief of Mission Gautam Rana visited EU Parliamentarian Lojze Peterle’s Office in Ljubljana to introduce the students of  Srednja ekonomska šola to the issue of immigration and how it has shaped the United States.  He also discussed U.S. Embassy activities and took a few students’ questions.

Deputy Public Affairs Officer Izaak Martin and Darinka Trcek from the EducationUSA at the Public Scholarship, Development, Disability and Maintenance Fund of the Republic of Slovenia visited the students at Gimnazija Bežigrad to discuss studying in the U.S. (selecting schools, getting scholarships, tests, and the EducationUSA information center in Ljubljana).

Last, but not least, the U.S. Embassy Ljubljana hosted NASA astronaut Randy Bresnik visited about 90 Gimnazija Šentvid students and their astronomy club.  Mr. Bresnik kindly shared his unique and incredible experiences of walking in space with a high school students.