U.S. Mission Speaker Program – January 2018

General Service Officer Julia Stanley, together with partner Doug Allen, visited 100 students at OŠ Hudinja in Celje. Ms. Stanley has lived in 15 different countries and nine of America’s 50 states. Her nomadic life was a source of many interesting stories and adventures that she recounted to the students. Mr. Allen also spoke of his home state of Mississippi. They students asked several questions about their private and professional lives, making it hard to leave the school, even after two hours!

Julia Stanley also visited OŠ ob Dravinji v Slovenskih Konjicah. This time, Embassy intern Val Cariello joined her to discuss various topics with 100 middle school students. A discussion on music resulted everyone singing “Bela snežinka” (“White Snowflake”) together. What a nice end to the visit!

Major Edward Kim and Embassy intern Valerie Cariello visited Gimnazija Krško. Major Kim offered the high school students a presentation entitled “An American Mind” which stimulated a lot of discussion. For example, after learning about different American dialects, the students had to guess from which part of the U.S. Major Kim originates. After seeing photos of large American cities, they had to guess the city. The presentation was very entertaining, the atmosphere was relaxed and the day was full of laughter. The students also used the hour available to ask all kind of questions.

Consular Officer Amy Lorenzen prepared a presentation about geography, statistics, languages and federalism in the United States. The presentation was actually a quiz, leaving the students guessing which state she is coming from, where she has served so far, and much more.

Deputy Chief of Mission Gautam Rana and intern Valerie Cariello visited St. Stanislav’s Institution where we have always been warmly welcomed. DCM Rana first visited a middle school where he spoke to a crowded classroom about a role of diplomacy and life of a diplomat. DCM Rana also participated in a round-table entitled “Where do you go”, organized by the Diocesan Classical Gymnasium.