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U.S. Mission Speaker Program – February 2020
March 4, 2020

In honor of African American History Month (February), we devoted several school visits to this important commemoration of American historical figures.

During Mary Wilson’s visit to Slovenia, this iconic performer—a founding member of the legendary group, The Supremes—visited high school students at Gimnazija Šentvid to talk about her own experiences during the civil rights movement in the United States, the inspirational history of the Supremes, and her own unique journey in American cultural life.

Lea Baker visited a middle school in Pirniče to discuss the importance of African American History Month and paying tribute to the generations of African Americans who struggled to achieve full citizenship and equality in American society. She concluded her presentation with a quiz to the students about African-American achievements in civil rights, music, literature, sports, and entertainment. The students asked frank and honest questions about racial issues in the United States, and were fascinated by the many ways Americans celebrate the melting pot of American society.

Marine Security Guard Sergeant Jaque Pesanka visited OŠ Polzela, where he also discussed African American History Month with middle school students.  Each and every one of 40 students had a chance to ask him a question about anything they were interested in.  Some questions were about the American school system, race in America, gun control, sports, movies, food, video games, and Slovenia. The students were very curious, and asked him to come back soon!

Deputy Public Affairs Officer Brian Street joined Društo Študij in šport v ZDA and EducationUSA in Slovenia for a presentation at Gimnazija Šiška to introduce a group of Slovenian athletes to various sports scholarships opportunities. Many young Slovenians travel to the U.S. to play sports with substantial scholarships offered by American schools, and the U.S. Embassy is supporting Društo Študij in šport v ZDA in their work explaining the various opportunities to young people around the country.

Stephanie Barret Zebre visited high school students at the Srednja šola in Jesenice to deliver a presentation on the beautiful (and warm!) state of Hawaii. The high school students learned about Hawaii’s flag, its major industries, attractions, food, traditional culture, environment, animals, volcanoes, and beautiful beaches. The students were also interested in a diplomat’s way of life and how they cope with constantly moving from one country to another. Comparisons between the state of Hawaii and other federal states, and between Slovenia and the United States were also topics of great interest.