U.S. Mission Speaker Program – February 2018

Deputy Chief of Mission Gautam Rana visited EU Parliamentarian Lojze Peterle’s Office in Ljubljana to discuss with the students from Gimnazija Jožeta Plečnika immigration and how it has shaped the United States.  Included in the discussion were immigration history and population by race and ethnicity (actual and projected), immigration diversity, and civil rights in the U.S. He also took several students’ questions.

Assistant Public Affairs Officer Izaak Martin and U.S. Marine Sergeant Eddie Montano visited Gimnazija Gian Rinaldo Carli Koper/Italian Bilingual High School in Koper where they explained to the students about the various activities of the U.S. Embassy, their hometowns in the U.S., and offered some comparisons between the U.S. and Slovenia. They then answered several great questions from the students.

Embassy intern Valerie Cariello and Marine Security Guards Cpl. Nicholas Jackson, Sgt. Eddie Montano, and Sgt. Jonathan Trei visited OŠ Polzela. Valerie prepared a presentation about the U.S. Embassy’s activities in Slovenia. All four speakers spoke about themselves and their families through the presentation as well. About 60 middle school students were most interested in differences between Slovenia and the United States. Lots of questions were about the Marines’ life, activities, boot camps, and leisure.