U.S. Mission Speaker Program – April 2019

The Embassy’s Information Management Officer, Patricia Rainey, visited middle school OŠ Ig. Ms. Rainey prepared a presentation about the importance of education and explained that education not only gives us knowledge and helps us build opinions but also allows us to see the world in different ways. She also talked about a difference between diversity and inclusion and how to embrace one’s individual cultural diversity.

Regional English Language Officer Jen MacArthur, spent a day visiting OŠ Šmartno pri Litiji to meet 60 middle school students. After the students’ warm welcome, Ms. MacArthur told them about her life and career which she illustrated with an interesting presentation. She emphasized the importance of knowing foreign languages and why the most important quality is being brave enough to communicate in a foreign language. Besides her native English, she also speaks Swedish, Spanish, and German. The children asked her many questions and she even continued her discussions with the teachers after the class had concluded.

Stephanie Barret-Zebre visited a middle school on the coast, OŠ Koper. After Ms. Barrett-Zebre finished her interesting Hawaii presentation she received a loud applause and the students asked her many personal questions, such as where she had lived, and what her favorite food, animal, city, and video game was—they were very curious! They discussed the school system in the U.S. and had many interesting questions.

Marine Security Guard Sgt. Wyatt Mattingly visited a middle school in Lesce to introduce U.S Embassy activities, himself and his home state of Kansas. Students’ questions ranged from what kind of training is needed to become a Marine to Sgt. Mattingly’s hobbies and favorite sports. They also discussed where they would like to travel and what they would like to see in the United States.

During the University of Ljubljana’s Career Center, Consular Officer Amy Lorenzen met with students to introduce the procedures to apply to study or work in the United States. She also explained when they are eligible to travel with an approved ESTA, and when they need a visa. Ms. Lorenzen provided many resources with detailed information and answered many of the students’ detailed questions.

Deputy Public Affairs Officer Brian Street visited high school students at the Bio-technical Educational Center in Ljubljana. In a relaxed atmosphere, he discussed with students the family and career life of a diplomat and shared some interesting facts about the United States. Mr. Street also answered many great questions from the students, explaining aspects of American history and culture—even a lesson in geography! At the end of the visit, the students presented Mr. Street with a beautiful cake that they had baked at their facilities at school.

You can read more about the U.S. Mission Speaker Program here.