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U.S. Embassy Responds to Ongoing Pandemic with Additional Donations for Slovenia
December 4, 2020

Press Release
04 December 2020

Since initial donations of personal protective equipment and devices intended to help control the first wave of the coronavirus epidemic, staff at the U.S. Embassy in Ljubljana have continued to work closely with their Slovenian counterparts to identify critical needs and find resources available to meet them.

So today, as the second wave of the pandemic continues to threaten lives, the U.S. Embassy announces the donation of four more automated machines that use ultraviolet light to quickly and effectively disinfect areas where coronavirus may be present.  This state-of-the-art equipment, designed and manufactured right here in Slovenia by Steri-Pro, is mobile and will be put to use immediately in medical facilities, care homes, and emergency management centers based on needs determined by the Ministry of Labor, the Ministry of Health, and the Administration of Civil Protection and Disaster Relief.  Each tower rapidly sterilizes air, liquids, and surfaces, reducing the man-hour requirements for effective sterilization, therefore increasing the medical staff time available for treating patients.

We continue to be impressed by the determination of the Slovenian people to work together to overcome significant challenges posed by Covid-19, and the entire team at the U.S. Embassy is dedicated to continuing to work with you as Allies, partners, and friends to help protect our communities.


Slovene Translation Available: SPOROČILO ZA JAVNOST: Ameriško veleposlaništvo se je na potekajočo pandemijo odzvalo z dodatnimi donacijami Sloveniji