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U.S. Embassy, Ljubljana: Health Alert (September 4, 2021)
September 4, 2021

Dear American Citizen in Slovenia:

Entry to Slovenia:

You may have heard that the EU added the United States to its Red List, recommending EU countries restrict travel to vaccinated Americans or those on essential travel.  As this is what Slovenia has already been following, we are not aware of any new changes in Slovenia’s entry policies for American citizens.

Digital EU certificate for those vaccinated in Slovenia:  We have good news for those American citizens who received their vaccinations in Slovenia but who are not under the Slovenian health insurance system.  A fellow American citizen couple confirmed, with the assistance of the Ministry of Health, that they successfully got the digital certificate.  The clinic where you were vaccinated must enter your data, along with your EMSO number, in the health system.  Then either the same doctor, a pharmacist, or another clinic can access the location where the certificates are located and print a paper copy of the EU Digital Green Certificate.  You can then go to the site getcovidpass.eu to scan the paper certificate; it produces a digital version you can save on your smart phone.

Slovenia COVID-19 Statistics (as of 3 September 2021):

  • The number of active cases in the country increased again in the past week, from 4,278 to 6,685 today.  The 14 day incidence rate per 100,000 persons has increased from 202 to 317.
  • The number of hospitalized also increased from 105 last week to 180 today, with 11 additional deaths in the past week.
  • Slovenia’s vaccination rate has increased only very slightly, with 43.4 % of the population fully vaccinated.

COVID-19 Vaccines

Vaccines are available to all U.S. citizen residents of Slovenia age 12 and over and the U.S. government strongly recommends that all eligible citizens get the vaccine as soon as possible.

For additional information, see our Embassy’s Covid-19 page.