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U.S. Embassy, Ljubljana:  Covid Health Alert (September 24, 2021)
September 24, 2021

Dear American Citizen in Slovenia:

CDC QR code for those vaccinated in the United States – now works abroad:  As we had mentioned in a prior Alert, if you received your vaccination in the United States and used CDC’s VAMS portal, you can log in to your VAMS account to get a printable QR code.  If you did that earlier this month, the QR code that was generated was not readable outside the United States.   Good news!  Now, if you log back into your VAMS account (using a U.S. VPN internet connection) and click “Change the QR code PIN”, it will generate a new QR code that you can print or save to your phone.  This new QR code is readable outside the United States as well.  We have tried this and confirmed it works.  Now if one scans this new QR code using a phone on the Slovenian network, it opens a CDC page where you can enter the VAMS PIN code mentioned above, and voila, electronic confirmation of your vaccine.  If you have any difficulties with the online system, it would be best to contact the CDC.   Some U.S. states/entities developed their own systems with QR codes, so the medical provider in the U.S. who provided your vaccine may have more information on that.

We understand that many Americans in Slovenia who were vaccinated in the U.S. would like to be included in the EU Digital Certificate, but as of right now, Slovenia only inputs records of vaccinations done in Slovenia.  Slovenia continues to accept  paper or electronic proof of U.S. vaccines.  

Slovenia COVID-19 Statistics (as of 24 September 2021):

  • The number of active cases in the country increased again in the past week, from 12,436 to 13,744 today, but the rate of increase appears to have slowed.  The 14 day incidence rate per 100,000 persons has increased from 590 to 652, one of the highest rates in Europe.
  • The number of hospitalized also increased from 348 last week to 391 today, with 29 additional deaths in the past week.
  • Slovenia’s vaccination rate increased one percent in the past week, with 46.6 % of the population fully vaccinated.  62% of adults have received at least one shot.

COVID-19 Vaccines

The Slovenian government is providing vaccines to all U.S. citizen residents of Slovenia age 12 and over, and the U.S. Government strongly recommends that all eligible citizens get the vaccine as soon as possible.

For additional information, see our Embassy’s Covid-19 page.