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U.S. Embassy, Ljubljana:  COVID-19 Health Alert (October 15, 2021)
October 15, 2021

Dear American Citizen in Slovenia:

COVID-19 Vaccines – Boosters

  • Booster shots for mRNA vaccines are available in Slovenia if recommended by your doctor.  The Slovenian government is providing vaccines to all residents of Slovenia age 15 and over, including U.S. citizens with temporary or permanent residence cards.

Slovenia COVID-19 Statistics (as of 15 October 2021):

  • The number of active cases in the country remained steady at 11,720.  The 14-day incidence rate per 100,000 persons decreased slightly from 562 to 555.
  • The number of hospitalized remained steady at 403 today, with 29 additional deaths in the past week.
  • Slovenia’s vaccination rate increased to 50% of the population being fully vaccinated.

For additional information, see our Embassy’s Covid-19 page.