U.S. Embassy Health Alert

Dear American Citizen in Slovenia:

 U.S. Embassy Services

  • U.S. domestic passport offices have resumed printing passports for Americans who apply overseas.  Appointments are available via the Embassy website.

 Entry/Exit requirements

  • Similar to the border checkpoints mentioned for Austria and Hungary last week, foreign nationals crossing between Italy and Slovenia must use one of the following checkpoints:  Vrtojba ‒ St. Andrea, Fernetiči ‒ Fernetti, Škofije ‒ Rabuiese, or Krvavi potok ‒ Pesse.

 Quarantine Rules

  • In general, persons entering Slovenia from abroad are subject to a 14-day quarantine.
  • Per the Slovenian government’s 8 June announcement, travelers from one of the countries on Slovenia’s list of epidemiologically-approved countries are not subject to the 14-day quarantine.  In addition, residents of Slovenia are exempt from the quarantine if coming from anywhere in the EU.

 Medical situation in Slovenia (as of 18 June):

  • The number of active Covid-19 cases has increased again in the past week, with 34 currently active cases, of whom six are hospitalized.  Cases were confirmed in Ljubljana, Piran, Postojna, and Krško in the east.  These cases have been linked to persons coming from abroad.
  • Since 11 June there have been 23 additional confirmed cases, but no additional deaths since 1 June.

For additional information, see our Covid-19 page.