U.S. Embassy Health Alert

Dear American Citizen in Slovenia: 

Slovenian government Covid-19 restrictions:

The Slovenian government has instituted additional restrictions:

  • Effective 27 October, you may not travel outside of your municipality unless meeting a work/medical exception.  (Note: This is more restrictive than prior requirements to stay within a region.)
  • Slovenia has updated its color-coded designations for foreign countries; traveling to most neighboring regions would necessitate quarantine when returning to Slovenia.
  • Hotels are generally closed.  In Ljubljana, the following hotels are open to approved business delegations: Austria Trend, Slon, and Radisson.  University dorms are closed.
  • Gyms, indoor sports centers, spas, swimming pools, cinemas, car washes, casinos, cultural institutions, hair/cosmetic salons, and some stores are closed.  Essential shops/services such as for fuel, groceries, pet food, hardware, car/bicycle repair, gardening, pharmacies, banks and post offices, remain open.
  • Restaurants and bars are closed, but pick up/delivery is permitted, including during curfew hours (2100-0600).
  • Most kindergartens are closed.
  • Public transportation is limited to 1/3 of normal capacity (holiday hours).
  • Masks are required at all times, including outdoors, unless in a park when a distance of 3 meters (10 feet) can be maintained.

For additional information, see our Covid-19 page.