U.S. Embassy Health Alert – Daily Coronvirus update

Dear American Citizen in Slovenia:

We’d like to start a daily message to keep you informed.  We will not repeat everything on our Covid-19 page.  Our goal is just to alert you to recent updates.

Medical situation in Slovenia:

As of March 26, Slovenia reported 528 confirmed COVID cases and six fatalities, with 72 hospitalized and 14 in intensive care.


·         Entering Slovenia from Austria: Non-Slovenian citizens and  non-Slovenian residents will be screened for high temperatures and symptoms.  Those with symptoms will need a health certificate (negative COVID test) not older than three days.

·         Exiting Slovenia to Austria: Foreign nationals who are only transiting Austria (including to get a flight from Vienna) do not require a health certificate (negative COVID test).  All others going to Austria do require a negative COVID test, not older than four days.  (Note this test is only available in Slovenia for those with symptoms.) For those who take a Slovenian taxi to the Austrian border and walk across, Austrian taxis are available on the Austrian side of the border.

·         Exiting Slovenia to Croatia: Cross border travel is permitted for those with proof of a flight out of Zagreb the same/following day.  All other travelers from Slovenia must self-quarantine for 14 days before onward travel.

Services / Movements within Slovenia

·         As you know, travel within country should be limited to essential functions (required work, food shopping, etc.).  Travel outside an individual’s municipality of residence is currently permitted, but the Slovenian government is strongly encouraging people to stay home.