U.S. Embassy Health Alert: Covid-19 update

Medical situation in Slovenia:

·         The Slovenian government spokesman stated that the Slovenian medical system has sufficient staff and equipment right now for the crisis.  However, while the upward curve (number of confirmed cases) has flattened, they have not yet seen a decrease in the number of cases.  Therefore, the current movement restrictions will remain in place for another 2-4 weeks before being revisited.

·         April 5 saw the highest single day of fatalities since the beginning of the outbreak, with six deaths.  As of April 5, Slovenia reported 997 confirmed COVID cases and 28 fatalities, with 108 hospitalized and 31 in intensive care.

  Services in Slovenia

·         For groups at higher risk of infection, such as senior citizens, there is now an additional hour designated for shopping.  In addition to the previously announced hours of 0800-1000, the store’s last open hour will also be reserved for vulnerable groups.

 For additional information, see our Covid-19 page.