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U.S. Embassy Health Alert: Covid-19 update (May 14, 2020)
May 14, 2020

Dear American Citizen in Slovenia:

Entry/Legal Stay

  • Entry: American citizens with temporary or permanent Slovenian residence permits may re-enter Slovenia.  Otherwise, foreign nationals are not permitted to enter Slovenia at this time, with limited exceptions for those transiting, in the transport industry, providing emergency services, or those with imperative family reasons.  The Slovenian embassy in Washington, DC, is not currently processing visas.  Airlines follow IATA entry guidelines for each country including Slovenia.
  • Length of Stay: On March 30 the Slovenian government granted an automatic extension of stay for those foreign nationals, including American citizens, who were unable to depart within their legal stay (90 days for those arriving under visa-waiver).  The Embassy has consulted with the Ministries of Interior and Foreign Affairs to clarify this policy.  The time spent in Slovenia since March 30 still applies to the total permitted length of stay.   With the resumption of flights from Ljubljana in June, American citizens who have reached the end of their legal stay must depart.  The Slovenian government is not currently granting extensions of stay for those who entered under visa-waiver or long-term (category C or D) visas.  Airline tickets are available on-line.

Quarantine restrictions

  • All people entering Slovenia from abroad must have evidence that they have a residence (or a location agreed with the civil defense authorities) where they can self-quarantine for one week.  After one week they should be tested for the coronavirus.  If a person declines to be tested after a seven-day quarantine, or if a test cannot be performed, the quarantine will be automatically extended for one week.
  • All shops are permitted to open on May 18, along with indoor restaurants/bars.
  • Tourist accommodations with room for up to 30 persons may re-open, but larger hotels, campsites, spas, and waterparks remain closed.
  • The government confirmed the previously announced plan to re-open kindergartens and primary schools for the first three grades and the final grade, and secondary schools for final-year students on 18 May.  Certain restrictions will apply, including on the number of children and students per classroom.
  • The City of Ljubljana tourism office provides additional information on Covid-19 status in Slovenia.

Medical situation in Slovenia (as of 14 May):Of the 984 tests conducted yesterday there was one positive Covid-19 case.

  • Slovenia has conducted 66,678 tests since the epidemic began, with a cumulative total of 1,464 confirmed cases.
  • There were no additional fatalities, with the total remaining at 103.
  • The number who are currently hospitalized decreased to 32 persons, of whom 7 are in intensive care.

For additional information, see our Covid-19 page.