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U.S. Embassy Health Alert (July 8, 2020)
July 8, 2020

Dear American Citizen in Slovenia:

 Medical situation in Slovenia (as of 8 July):

  • Since the beginning of June, the number of active cases in Slovenia has been doubling every week, with a current total of 223 active cases spread throughout the country.  Fourteen are hospitalized.
  • Since 1 July,  there have been 150 additional confirmed cases, but no additional deaths since 1 June.
  • While some new cases are linked to foreign travelers, others are linked to community transmission – in some cases from unknown sources.
  • Since the beginning of the epidemic, Slovenia has administered over 110,000 tests, confirming 1,763 infections and 111 fatalities.

Quarantine Rules

  • Public gatherings are limited to 10 persons, with an exception for a gathering of up to 50 persons if the host knows the attendees and they can be contacted.
  • Slovenia is administering quarantine orders for travelers coming from non-excepted countries.  Persons that may be required to stay in quarantine can enter Slovenia only at dedicated border crossings or checkpoints: from the Republic of Croatia at the border crossings Gruškovje, Obrežje, Metlika and Jelšane (note that while Obrežje operates 24-hours, the others can only be accessed 0600-2200); from Hungary at the checkpoint Pince (0600-2200); from Italy at the previously stipulated checkpoints Vrtojba, Fernetiči, Škofije and Krvavi potok; and from Austria at the previously stipulated checkpoints Karavanke, Ljubelj, and Šentilj (motorway and rail traffic). The only entry via air is Ljubljana Airport.
  • Slovenia continues to make adjustments to its lists of countries designated “green” (no quarantine), “yellow” (quarantine required for non-residents), and “red” (quarantine required, plus Covid test taken in the EU.). The United States is on the “red” list.  Belgium and Netherlands were added to the “green” list, while Croatia was downgraded to the “yellow” list.  Residents of Slovenia coming from countries on the “yellow” list must provide proof that they were in fact only in that country, or face quarantine.
  • Slovenia created a new quarantine exception for holders of a reservation for overnight stay in Slovenia, provided that such reservation was made at a time when their country of origin was on the “green” list of epidemiologically approved countries. Any person invoking such an exception is required to demonstrate a negative COVID-19 test result, not older than 36 hours and done in an EU member state, a Schengen Area country or by an organisation or individual authorised for such tests by the National Institute of Public Health of the Republic of Slovenia.

 Entry/Exit requirements

  • Slovenia is following EU recommendations to restrict travel from the U.S. and other countries with unstable epidemiological situations.  Slovenia continues to make exceptions for those who have residency or family in Slovenia, as well as those studying in Slovenia.
  • For information on border openings and entry/exit requirements for countries within the European Union, travelers may visit http://reopen.europa.eu/.  In addition, each U.S. Embassy has its own Coronavirus webpage.

For additional information, see our Covid-19 page.