U.S. Embassy Health Alert

U.S. Embassy Health Alert (16 Oct 2020) 

Dear American Citizen in Slovenia: 

The Slovenian government has introduced a number of new Covid measures:

  • School for grades 6 and above (through university) will move entirely on-line affective 19 October.  

  • The government has asked health providers to scale back non-emergency preventative medical procedures. 


  • The Slovenian government has designated regions of Slovenia as “orange” or “red.”  Red zones are areas where there is a positive incidence of 140 per 100,000 persons and include the following regions: Central Slovenia (including Ljubljana), Gorenjska, Koroška, Zasavje, Posavje, Savinja and South-eastern Slovenia.  [See map.]  Residents in a red zone may not travel outside of that zone unless meeting limited exceptions; exceptions include travel abroad, visiting a diplomatic/consular office (e.g. U.S. Embassy), travel between properties you own, work, care for a family member, and accessing health institutions.  Police will be monitoring via random checks.  Residents of an orange zone may travel to a red zone, but it is discouraged.  Note that the zones are broader than municipalities (which were the basis for the previous lockdown).  For example, the Central Slovenia zone includes a number of municipalities beyond Ljubljana, and residents of Central Slovenia region may travel within that region only. 

  • For those in the “red” zone regions of Slovenia: 

    • Masks required at all times, including outdoors, except for individual activities such as bicycling alone 
    • Restaurants and bars will be closed, but pick up/delivery is permitted 
    • Gyms and indoor sports centers will be closed 
    • No public gatherings, including weddings and religious gatherings 
  • The Slovenian government has indicated it will declare an epidemic once the country-wide incidence of confirmed positive cases reaches 140 per 100,000 people, with more than 250 people in hospitals and 50 in intensive care.   (The incidence rate has already been reached; current hospitalizations are 222, with 40 in intensive care.)  

    Embassy Consular Services

·        The Embassy will limit passport and visa appointments to those with imminent travel within the next 30 days.  The Embassy will still process replacements for lost/stolen passports so that citizens have a required identification document.  Notarial services will be limited to emergency situations.  Contact the Embassy via email for an appointment, explaining your situation.  For those coming to the Embassy from another red zone of Slovenia, carry proof of your appointment.   

·        Citizens may continue to drop off ballots at the Embassy without an appointment, but if traveling from another red zone, email the Embassy so that we can provide written confirmation that you will visit a consular office. If your state allows electronic transmission (email or fax) of ballots you should consider this. Ballots dropped at the Embassy must be received at the Embassy by October 21 in order to reach the U.S. in time. 


For additional information, see our Covid-19 page.  



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