Passport Services

Please wear a mask to your appointment at the Embassy.

Passports services are by appointment only.   All full-validity passports are printed in the United States and mailed by courier service back to the Embassy.  It typically takes one week for us to receive the newly printed passport.  If you would like your new passport returned to you via mail, we will need to cancel your old passport at the time of application.  If you are picking up your new passport in person at the Embassy we will cancel the prior passport at that time.

In emergency cases, we may be able to issue a limited-validity passport printed here at the Embassy.  Please contact our office by email  if you have emergency travel plans.  Please be prepared to present a copy of your plane, bus or train tickets to the Consul.

For applicants outside of Slovenia who would like to apply for a passport at the U.S. Embassy in Ljubljana, note:

  • You must have a valid (unexpired) passport before entering Slovenia.  A U.S. military ID is not sufficient.  Persons entering Slovenia without a valid passport face fines of 500 euros or more.
  • After the new passport is received at the Embassy, we can only mail it to addresses in Slovenia; applicants outside of Slovenia must come back in person to pick up their new passports at the Embassy.
  • If you are driving to Ljubljana from Italy, Austria, Croatia, or Hungary, please make sure you stop before the border and purchase a vignette for your car.  Gas stations and other businesses in neighboring countries within a few kilometers of the Slovenian border sell Slovenian vignettes.  Using Slovene highways without a valid and properly-displayed vignette in a vehicle is considered a violation of the law; drivers may be fined between 300 and 800 euros.

Please click on one of the below options to prepare your application.

We would be happy to help you renew your U.S. passport. Instructions for renewing vary according to the condition of your current passport, when your current passport was issued and your age. Click here for further instructions for adult and children renewals.


Minor Applicants Information.

If the child was born outside the U.S. and has not yet been issued a Consular Report of Birth Abroad, please see our page on Birth of a Child.