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Travel Information

See the U.S. Department of State’s travel guidance for Slovenia.  We strongly urge you to register with the Embassy via the Smart Traveler program, so that you will receive email updates on health and safety issues affecting American citizens in Slovenia, along with other issues of interest such as voting in U.S. elections.  We will also include you in any townhall meetings.

Additional U.S. Government Information on International travel:

Slovenian Government Resources (in English)

Travel Insurance

The vast majority of Americans who travel to Slovenia never have any problems, but accidents can happen anywhere at any time.  Over the past few years, several Americans have been seriously injured in Slovenia due to road accidents or even seemingly minor slips and falls.  While the Embassy can assist with arranging medical evacuation back to the United States, the Embassy cannot pay for this service and it can easily cost $100,000 or more.

Travelers should consult with their health insurance providers to learn whether they are covered outside the United States.  We highly recommend that travelers consider purchasing additional travel insurance to cover the costs of medical evacuations, extended hospital care overseas, canceled flights, etc.