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January 17, 2024

Apply for the YTILI Fellowship Program in the U.S.

The Young Transatlantic Innovation Leaders Initiative(YTILI) Fellowship Program will engage a cohort of young European entrepreneurs in program activities to enhance the transatlantic dialogue between business leaders from Europe and the United States and create sustained cross-cultural collaboration.

To apply, you must:

✔️ Be a mid-level professional, 25-35 years old

✔️ Demonstrate proficiency in written and spoken English

✔️ Have at least two years relevant work experience and be currently employed

✔️ Have demonstrated leadership and collaborative skills



Partake in virtual leadership and professional development activities throughout the program.

Be matched with a four week, full-time fellowship placement host in a U.S. organization focused on issues relating to the Fellow’s work at home.

Gain first-hand knowledge about U.S. business institutions and build relationships with American counterparts.

Receive comprehensive on-program support. Travel and living arrangements will be covered as well as emergency health benefit on program.

Become part of a prestigious alumni network with access to valuable resources and an international network of like-minded professionals.


Learn more about the YTILI fellowship program here!

Applications are open until January 30, 2024