U.S. Embassy Ljubljana: Who we are & what we do

The Biden administration has a clear new vision for U.S. foreign policy, and the whole team at Embassy Ljubljana is already working hard on it. Check out this video to learn more about who we are and what we do at the U.S. Embassy Ljubljana! As Secretary Blinken said: “While the times have changed, some ...
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2019 Report on International Religious Freedom

OFFICE OF INTERNATIONAL RELIGIOUS FREEDOM JUNE 10, 2020 The annual Report to Congress on International Religious Freedom – the International Religious Freedom Report – describes the status of religious freedom in every country. The report covers government policies violating religious belief and practices of groups, religious denominations and individuals, and U.S. policies to promote religious ...
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Ambassador Blanchard Amazed by the Rich Cultural Heritage of Slovenia

Culture is an integral and important part of the Slovenian national identity, and is celebrated every year on Presernov Dan, the Slovenian national cultural commemorating the anniversary of the death of the greatest Slovenian poet dr. France Preseren. Ambassador Lynda Blanchard appreciates Slovenian’s love of history and culture, and has been actively learning about this ...
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