Reaching for the Moon Together

The moon was never as close to Slovenians as it is now. And the best part? You don’t need to put on a space suit! You just need to take a short car ride to Center Noordung in Vitanje, where you can admire the 3.75 billion year-old lunar sample from the Apollo 17 mission that ...
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Ambassador Blanchard’s Remarks at the Moon Rock and Space Suit Exhibition Opening

AMBASSADOR BLANCHARD’S REMARKS Noordung Center, Vitanje September 2, 2020 Dober dan, vsem Minister Počivalšek, Mayor Vetrih, Director Kobold, I thank you all for hosting us today, and for the support you’ve shown, the work you’ve done, and the excitement we’ve shared in making this day possible. I also understand that members of the team that ...
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