U.S. Embassy Ljubljana: Who we are & what we do

The Biden administration has a clear new vision for U.S. foreign policy, and the whole team at Embassy Ljubljana is already working hard on it. Check out this video to learn more about who we are and what we do at the U.S. Embassy Ljubljana! As Secretary Blinken said: “While the times have changed, some ... Read More»

World Chicago Professional Fellows Happy Hour

Sponsored by the Department of State, WorldChicago launched the Tech Innovation, Education, and Entrepreneurship Fellowship Program in May 2015. Since then, they have hosted over 100 emerging tech and entrepreneurship leaders from Bosnia-Herzegovina, Croatia, Slovenia, and North Macedonia for one-month fellowships in Chicago with leading tech-related companies in a variety of fields, government agencies, NGOs ... Read More»

Ambassador Lynda Blanchard Remarks at CEED/World Chicago “Start. Fail. Scale.”

Good morning, and thank you all for inviting me to join you. I couldn’t be happier to be among so many committed entrepreneurs from around the region. Truth be told, I feel at home in the business community, and I appreciate the chance to share in the excitement today. A warm welcome to my American ... Read More»

The Artificial Intelligence with Joseph Dumoulin

Embassy organized a week long program about the artificial intelligence with Joseph Dumoulin, Chief Technology Innovation Officer at Verint Intelligent Self-Service. He addressed  AI from all perspectives: from talking to politicians and policy-makers about societal impact, to experts about very specific case-studies, giving advice, and addressing the general public with a broader overview. From the ... Read More»

YTILI Program

The Young Transatlantic Innovation Leaders Initiative (YTILI) program empowers young European entrepreneurs and innovators with the tools, networks, and resources they need to grow their enterprises and contribute more fully to economic development and job creation, security, and good governance in the region. YTILI is also a vehicle for building a transatlantic network of innovators ... Read More»
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