Slovenia, Rock On with “On the Rocks” A Cappella Group

Photo Marko Pleterski

For four days Slovenia was “rocking” it with the singers from the On The Rocks a cappella group from the University of Oregon. An all-male group originally formed in 1999, On The Rocks has produced seven studio albums, multiple viral videos, been featured on NBC’s The Sing Off, gone on numerous national tours, and performed with A-list Artists including Boyz 2 Men and Kid Cudi. Their performances are full of positive energy and excellent music that the audiences can feel and connect to. On their tour in Slovenia, the group visited two schools in the Sežana region and treated Slovene audiences to concerts in Sežana, Velenje and Trbovlje. During their first visit to an elementary school, they didn’t just share their love of music with the kids but were also introduced to a dose of Slovenian culture in return, when the school choir sang and danced Slovenian traditional songs for them. At the concert at a middle school in Sežana, the group invited a young visually impaired woman with an incredible voice to perform with them, creating a magical experience for everyone involved. And in Trbovlje they held a beatboxing workshop and performed with the local high school choir. It was a truly amazing and unforgettable experience for all which could be seen and felt each and every time the audience offered an enthusiastic response or demanded an encore. Slovenia was truly “rocking” it with “On The Rocks”!