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Passport Data Correction

A passport issued with a data error (e.g., name, sex, or place of birth) or printing error (e.g., data is missing on the biographical page, discoloration, crooked printing) can be corrected at no charge if the passport is still valid and the fault was that of the U.S. Embassy.

To correct a data or printing error:

  • Complete and print Form DS-5504 (follow link for “Updating or Correcting Passport Information”).
  • You will also need to provide:
    • Your current passport
    • Evidence of the error (e.g., your U.S. birth certificate showing the correct spelling of your last name)
  • One passport photo – 2”×2” (5×5 cm) against a white background and without glasses. There are several photo studios close to the Embassy that are familiar with our passport photo requirements.
  • An A5 padded envelope (podložena kuverta) with €2.66 in Slovene postage stamps (two “c” class stamps).  We will mail back your passport via registered mail to your home in Slovenia or a Slovenian post office.
  • You will not have to pay any passport or processing fees.
  • Please make an appointment through our online calendar

Passport validity for the corrected passport

  • The new, corrected passport will be valid until the expiration date of the original, incorrect passport.