Opening of the Exhibit “Slovenians in the United States Today” Video

What does it mean to be a Slovenian-American today? You can find out by visiting the newly-opened “Slovenians in the U.S. today” exhibit curated and sponsored by Joe Valencic which recently debuted in the small park in front of the Slovenian National Archives. Joe Valencic is an American with Slovenian roots who writes and lectures about Slovenian-American history and culture, both in the United States and in Europe. His stunning collection of images shows how the Slovenian community in the U.S. values and nurtures their Slovenian culture through language, music, festivals and traditional cuisine. Valencic also highlighted successful and iconic Americans with Slovenian roots, such as the First Lady Melania Trump, athletes Luka Dončić and Anže Kopitar. The exhibition is on display until the end of March 2020.