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Escape Junk News

What’s real? What’s fake? How do you tell the difference? To help students, teachers, academics and journalists find the answer, NewseumED and Zavod Časoris kicked off a project last week on media literacy, beginning with educator Jessi McCarthy’s visit to Slovenia. Through multiple dynamic workshops for teachers, members of the public, journalists, students, and academia, this program—supported by the U.S. Embassy—taught attendees the Newsem’s E.S.C.A.P.E. model, featuring six ways to evaluate online information and ...
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Enriching Museum Programs Through Cultural Exchange

In cooperation with the Slovenian Museum Association, we sponsored a week-long program on museum management best practices—including dynamic storytelling and narrative creation—conducted by Hannah Kellogg and Jodi Larson from Museums Unbound. Collectively, Hannah and Jodi have been working in the museum world for nearly three decades, from history museums and living history sites, to nature centers and art museums. Their program consisted of interactive workshops that ...
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Museum Management Project Video

Hannah Kellogg and Jodi Larson from Museums Unbound visited Slovenia to conduct workshops for representatives of a wide array of Slovenian cultural institutions. During these fun and engaging events with their Slovene colleagues, they also got a first-hand-look at the depth of the Slovenian cultural scene. Not only did they enjoy the unique cultural heritage of this amazing country, they were also impressed by the rich and diverse ...
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