Mission Speaker Program – June 2018

The education system, schools and school life in the United States were the topics that Gimnazija Koper students were most interested in discussing during our recent visit.  After Deputy Public Affairs Officer Izaak Martin briefly introduced the U.S. Embassy’s activities, he answered many student questions together with Marine Security Guards Sgt. Jonathan Trei and  Sgt. Eddie Montano, and interns James Shaver and Zachary Alvarado. The students were also interested in how the Americans see differences between Americans and Slovenes.

Regional Security Officer David Gallagher, his wife Beverly, who works at the embassy in the management section, and their daughter Lauren visited a middle school in Ljubljana Fužine. After RSO Gallagher’s interesting presentation of the U.S. Embassy and Ambassador Hartley’s activities in which the students played roles, Lauren showed the students a presentation about life as a kid in the American Embassy.

Economic Officer Dr. Don Baker and U.S. Marine Security Guard Sgt. Eddie Montano visited middle school students at OŠ Mirna. Dr. Baker introduced the American Presidency to the students and Sgt. Montano told them about the Marines’ activities at the embassy and what they do in their free time. There was also enough time left to answer many student questions.

Our last school visit this school year led us to the middle school OŠ Frana Erjavca in Nova Gorica. The students prepared a quiz with 17 questions!  Regional Security Officer David Gallagher and U.S. Marine Security Guard Sgt. Eddie Montano were tested to see how well they know Slovenia.  RSO Gallagher briefly introduced the activities of the U.S. Embassy in Ljubljana and discussed similarities and differences between the United States and Slovenia.  Sgt. Eddie Montano introduced himself and the two answered student questions. Thanks for a wonderful last school visit of the year! 

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