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Missing Persons

Finding a Missing Person in Slovenia

In our experience, 99% of all missing persons in Slovenia eventually turn up safe and sound.  However, if you are concerned about the welfare or health of a U.S. citizen, who is residing in or traveling through Slovenia, please contact the Embassy’s Consular Section. You can also contact the State Department’s Office of Overseas Citizens Services in Washington DC at (202) 647-5225, and that office will pass the information to us in Ljubljana.

Please provide as much information as you can about the American citizen and his/her travel itinerary.  If we locate the individual, we will pass along any message you wish.  However, it is important to understand that not everyone wants to be found, and the person who is missing has rights under the U.S. Privacy Act.  If we locate the individual, and if he or she does not wish us to reveal any information about his/her whereabouts or condition, then we are bound by law to respect those wishes.  For more information, please see the Department of State’s website.

Finding a Missing Person in the United States

The Embassy is unable to assist you in finding people in the United States.  If you are looking for a person in the U.S. who is not an American citizen, another option is to contact the Embassy or Consulate of the country of which the person is a citizen.
To find Slovene citizens in the U.S., please contact information for the Embassy and Consulates of the Republic of Slovenia.