Green City Design Challenge

Photo Exhibit and School Team Project Competition (Photo Luka Dakskobler)

The Green City Design Challenge concept was created by an award winning 6th grade science teacher from the Washington, DC area in the USA using a project based learning model. The US Embassy Ljubljana PAS together with the City of Ljubljana created a similar shorter pilot program in Ljubljana, the Green Capital of Europe 2016, in order to share this innovative educational approach to designing a sustainable green city to fit real life locations and solve real world challenges. Four elementary school teams were challenged to make their city of Ljubljana even greener using a program designed by Alexandra Mooskin of St. Stephens and St. Agnes School, Alexandria, Virginia, USA and Charlotte Taft, US Embassy Ljubljana and adapted to suit Ljubljana schools! The project from September – December 2016 included an overview of climate change and green initiatives by Umanotera, a presentation of Ljubljana as a Green Capital of Europe plus school visits by Ivan Stanic of MOL Urban Planning, visits to Ljubljana public companies for water treatment (VO-KA), waste management (SNAGA), energy (Energetika) and transportation (LPP), as well as hands on project creation support for the teams provided by Zavod 404 Youth Technology Center. Our partner at the City of Ljubljana was Ms. Kristina Ina Novak.

The photo exhibition showed the progress of the pilot project GREEN CITY DESIGN CHALLENGE – RAD SOUSTVARJAM ZELENO MESTO 2016! from September to December 2016, while the exhibited projects are original solutions to problems in the field of sustainable development and eco-innovations created by students from the following Ljubljana elementary schools: Danile Kumar (Smart Trashcan), Jožeta Moškriča (Bacterial Fuel Cell), Livada (Wireless Charging Lane for Electric Cars) and Spodnja Šiška (Rainwater Collector). The teams presented their final projects and the team from Spodnja Šiška elementary school won the award for best project. The photo exhibit at City Hall was supported by National Geographic Junior.