GeoBioBlitz 2021

Photo: Luka Dakskobler

Our U.S. Embassy GeoBioBlitz on Changing Mountain Ecosystems, Sept. 17-18, 2021, showed elementary students from three Slovenian elementary schools and four students from VSVO, what lives in mountain ecosystems and how sensitive they are to changes, whether positive ones like increasing the Slovenian lynx population or even negative ones like the effects of climate change in the Pacific Northwest of the USA. Our fantastic partners: Triglav National Park rangers, the LifeLynx project, ZOO Ljubljana, as well as the Slovenia Forest Service, Velenje Environmental College (VSVO), the Geology Department of the Faculty of Natural Sciences, University of Ljubljana, the Alpine Museum of Slovenia, and the Fish Family Jesenice, plus Crater Lake National Park (Oregon, U.S.A.) Ranger John Duwe and our very own Embassy flyfishing guru, Chris.