Equipping Programs


Foreign Military Sales (FMS)

FMS is the US system providing for a government to government sale of US military equipment, services and training.  Funding of FMS purchases is typically via national funds or Foreign Military Financing.

US Defense Contractors, please contact the ODC for country specific information and assistance.

Foreign Military Financing (FMF)

This is grant money that the U.S provides to friendly and allied countries to improve their defense capabilities by financing acquisition of US military articles, services and training.

Defense Cooperation in Armaments (DCA)

This is a very broad-based program focused on bilateral cooperation in research, development, test/evaluation, and acquisition of military equipment.  The umbrella of DCA includes four areas

  • Joint acquisition of equipment via cooperative production
  • Direct acquisition of foreign equipment via the Foreign Comparative Testing program.
  • Cooperative research, development and technology
  • Exchanges of scientists, information, and material

Any Slovene companies with cutting edge expertise in the following areas and who are interested in working with the US Department of Defense should contact the ODC.

  • Innovative Explosive Device (IED) and landmine indication, location,
    and protection capabilities
  • Non-lethal crowd control
  • Robotics and robotic vehicles
  • Tunnel and bunker complex location and neutralization
  • Perimeter security
  • High power electronics and optics
  • Information transmission
  • Network science & technology for coalition operations
  • Enhanced network sensors
  • Flexible communications to support network
  • Nanotechnology
  • Biotechnology
  • New materials
  • Soldier and vehicle protection
  • Any other new ideas

Acquisition & Cross Servicing Agreement (ACSA)

An ACSA is a bilateral, international agreement, for mutual support, that provides the legal authority to exchange logistic support, supplies and services (LSSS) between the United States and foreign military forces on a reimbursable basis.  The ACSA between Slovenia and the US entered into force on 11 October 2005 and provides the mechanism to exchange the following LSSS for reimbursement either in cash, replacement in kind, or equal value exchange.

  • Food
  • Clothing
  • Petroleum
  • Port services
  • Transportation
  • Medical services
  • Training services
  • Billeting
  • Base operations support
  • Spares/components
  • Ammunition
  • Storage services
  • Communication services
  • Use of facilities
  • Repair and maintenance
  • Airlift

An ACSA does not permit transferring weapons systems; major end items of equipment (except for providing temporary use of general purpose vehicles and certain other non-lethal equipment); initial quantities of replacement parts and spares; guided missiles, naval mines and torpedoes; nuclear and chemical ammunition; cartridge and propellant-activated devices; chaff and chaff dispensers; and guidance kits for bombs and other ammunition.  For further information on the ACSA contact the US European Command J4 ACSA Program Manager atacsa@eucom.mil.