University Exchanges

The following is a catalog of university cooperation agreements between Slovene and U.S. institutions of higher education. Some involve student exchanges between universities, where students are selected based on competition or nomination, while others operate primarily at the faculty level. If you are interested in participating in one of these programs, you should contact an exchange coordinator from one of the listed exchanges or speak with a faculty member at your university.

U.S. Universities with ties of the University of Ljubljana:

The University of Arizona

The University of Arizona received its first two exchange students from the University of Ljubljana for the 2007-2008 academic year. Exchange students from the University of Ljubljana come to the University of Arizona for either one or two semesters, while the University of Arizona hopes to send its first student to the University of Ljubljana sometime in the near future.

In addition to the student exchange component of the UA-UL link, Professor Tom Volgy from the University of Arizona and Professors Zlatko Sabic and Petra Roter from the Faculty of Social Sciences at the University of Ljubljana are collaborating on a joint research project on the new world order and multilateral collaboration in international affairs. They have received a book contract from Blackwell-Wiley, and have published an article in the Journal of Peace Research. Graduate students from both universities are working with the professors on this project as well.


From the University of Ljubljana:
Faculty of Social Sciences

From the University of Arizona:
Juliet Naone
Exchange Coordinator

Professor Tom Volgy
Department of Political Science

Augsburg College

Augsburg College’s reciprocal exchange with the University of Ljubljana was developed by Augsburg professor Magda Paleczny-Zapp, and is intended primarily for business students. Each year, about one student from each college visits the partner institution for one semester of study.


From Augsburg College:
Magda Paleczny-Zapp

Drury University

The University of Ljubljana – Drury University exchange is quite new. While the program does not yet have any participants, Drury University expects to recruit students sometime during the 2007-08 academic year, and is preparing to receive students from the University of Ljubljana.


From the University of Ljubljana:
Faculty of Economics
Danijela Voljč
Head of International Relations
Tel: 00.386.1.5892.486

Tatjana Leban

From Drury University:
Michael Thomas
Associate Dean for International Programs

MAUI-Utrecht Network

Mid-America Universities International (MAUI) is a consortium of 14 US universities to promote and engage in international activities. MAUI has a partnership with the Utrecht Network (UN), a consortium of 33 European universities, whereby students from a UN university may attend a MAUI university as exchange students for one or two semesters, and vice versa. Usually, one or two students from the University of Ljubljana attend a MAUI institution each year, and one or two students from a MAUI university attend the University of Ljubljana.

Students who would like to participate in the exchange should first contact the international office at their home university. They must then be nominated for the MAUI-Utrecht Network exchange. There are a limited number of placements available at both the US and European universities.

The University of Ljubljana also hosts, in cooperation with the Utrecht Network, a summer program on Environmental Resource Management in which MAUI students are invited to participate.

Participating U.S. Institutions:


From the University of Ljubljana:
Katja Cerjak

U.S. MAUI Representative:
Dr. Joel Glassman

University of Miami

The University of Ljubljana and the University of Miami have formed a strong partnership to promote student exchange.

Over the past two years, in addition to the several students from Slovenia admitted to  prestigious undergraduate and graduate degree programs at the University of Miami (UM), twelve Slovene exchange students from the University of Ljubljana have been welcomed to the vibrant, tropical campus in Coral Gables, Florida. Slovene exchange students live and study with UM students for one academic year, giving them a taste of what life is like at a U.S. university. For some, a year in the U.S. provides the chance to challenge the American stereotype; and they leave understanding that America is truly a melting pot of religion, language, color and beliefs. Others are motivated by the outstanding courses and opportunities at the University of Miami, giving them an edge in their future careers. All agree that a year in Miami is the opportunity of a lifetime, and many hope to return to UM to pursue a graduate degree.


From the University of Ljubljana:
Faculty of Social Sciences

From the University of Miami:
Carol S. Lazzeri
Associate Dean

University of Washington

The Ljubljana Exchange is one of the University of Washington’s oldest exchanges, existing for approximately twenty years. It consists primarily as a faculty exchange, in which the University of Washington receives one professor from the University of Ljubljana per year for a one-month visit, while the University of Ljubljana takes in two UW faculty members for two weeks each.


Louis E. Wolcher
Charles I. Stone Professor of Law

Other U.S. Universities with Ties to Slovene Institutions:

University of Ljubljana:

University of Maribor: