NGO Small Grants

U.S. Embassy Slovenia NGO Small Grants

The Embassy continues to offer grants for well-conceived and managed projects that strengthen the civil society sector and address societal concerns.  Eligible topics for projects are broadly defined to include democracy and human rights, security and foreign policy issues, economic and civic development, and support for regional stability in Southeastern Europe.  Typically, grant awards range from $3,000 to $10,000.  New grantees will be given priority over previous grantees.  Funding for NGO grants is decided through a competitive application process, and each proposal is reviewed by an internal embassy committee.

As always, priority will be given to projects that:

  • Demonstrate clear, sustainable, and innovative plans for obtaining matching funds and cost-sharing.
  • Use digital or traditional media to reach broad audiences.
  • Serve traditionally undeserved populations.


For this grant period, consideration will be given to project proposals focusing on the following themes:

  • Integration of Refugees and Migrants, Respect for Diversity, and Multiculturalism
  • Anti-corruption, Good Governance, and Transparency
  • Entrepreneurship, Innovation, Economic Prosperity, and Promotion of Free Trade
  • Environment, Climate Change, and Renewable Energy
  • Energy Security and Diversification
  • International Security, Counter-terrorism, and Defense Issues
  • Human Rights (LGBT, Disabilities, Women’s Empowerment, Minority Populations)
  • Youth Engagement, Volunteerism and Corporate Social Responsibility
  • Responsible and Independent Media
  • Regional Cooperation and Integration of the countries of SE Europe into Trans-Atlantic institutions

We are particularly interested in supporting projects on these themes that encourage research, debate and promotion of U.S.-Slovenia cooperation.


Only registered Slovenian NGOs may apply.  Projects must have a defined start and completion date.  If a project is done in collaboration with another organization, please provide a letter of support/commitment from the partner institution.


The Public Affairs Section welcomes proposals from alumni of U.S.-sponsored exchange programs.  Priority consideration will be given to alumni who:

  • Cooperate with other alumni to implement the grant
  • Share with a wider community the knowledge or skills gained in the exchange program or training
  • Explain how the project will enhance alumni professional development


Incomplete applications will not be reviewed.  Please follow the instructions below carefully, fill out all forms required, and submit your application only when it is complete.  Proposals will not be considered unless all information is received in hard copy and electronic form as stated below.  It is the responsibility of the applicant to ensure that an application is complete.   

You may directly access the Application Guidelines and Forms below.

More: FY 2018 Notice of Funding Opportunity: NGO Small Grants Program – Open Competition

Proposals must be completed in English, or accompanied by an English translation.  Budgets must be calculated in U.S. dollars.  Supporting documents may be in Slovene.  Cost-sharing and in-kind contributions must be documented in the grant proposal’s budget.

Please mail 1 hard copy of the completed application, with an original signature on the last page, to:

Public Affairs Section
U.S. Embassy Ljubljana
Attn: Tanja Šuštaršič, Program Assistant for NGO Small Grants Program
Prešernova 31
1000 Ljubljana
Tel: (1) 200-55-00
Fax: (1) 426-42-84

In addition, please send one copy in electronic form to the following address:

The deadline for submitting proposals is August 6, 2018. 


Complete applications which meet the criteria outlined above will be considered for full or partial funding by the Embassy NGO Small Grants Program Committee.

Please understand that we receive many more good proposals than our resources allow us to fund, which means that simply submitting a good proposal does not guarantee that the Embassy can fund your project.  As this is a competitive application process, in the interest of fair and impartial practices, the Embassy is unable to give personalized assistance or advice to individual applicants and/or applying organizations.  Conformity with general guidelines, criteria and basic conditions does not guarantee funding.  Any award is subject to the availability of funds.

Decisions will generally be communicated within two months after the application deadline.

In the past we supported the following project activities: Compendium of Projects for FY 2016  (PDF 398 KB).