Cultural Grants

U.S. Embassy Slovenia Cultural Grants Program

I.  General Description 

The Public Affairs Section of the United States Embassy in Ljubljana represents the Embassy vis-a-vis the Government of Slovenia in official business related to culture; promotes the values and culture of American society; conducts information and cultural programs on behalf of the U.S. Government, presenting U.S. history, society, art and culture in all of its diversity to overseas audiences; and administers United States government involvement in cultural activities between Slovenia and the United States.

Each year, the Public Affairs Section devotes a certain amount of funding towards encouraging and promoting cultural and artistic cooperation, collaboration and exchange between the United States and Slovenia.  This allows us to conduct, on a bi-annual basis, a competition for cultural grants funding.  Funding for cultural grants is decided through a competitive application process, and each proposal is voted on by an Embassy committee.   Please understand that we receive many more good proposals than our resources allow us to fund, which means that simply submitting a good proposal does not guarantee that the Embassy can fund your project.   Additionally, since this is a competition, in the interest of a fair and impartial process, the Embassy is unable to give personalized assistance or advice to individual applicants and/or applying organizations.  However, we have put together some of our most frequently asked questions in Section III below, to assist applicants in putting together their proposals.  Any award is subject to the availability of funds.

PLEASE NOTE: We recognize that the requirement for all program proposals to include a significant American component may be challenging in some cases given current restrictions that preclude Americans from traveling to Slovenia. We encourage prospective grant partners to be creative about leveraging of virtual resources and capitalizing on local expertise during the August 2021 Grants cycle. Proposals that do not require the international travel of American artists, specialists, speakers or performers, or which outline an alternative virtual component will be more competitive for the limited funding available.

EXAMPLE: A cultural program proposes a lecture series on American history for young schoolchildren. The primary program proposal envisions an American history teacher visiting Slovenia to conduct in-person lectures and teacher training for two weeks. Ideally, under the circumstances, the proposal should also include a backup plan to use video conferencing in lieu of international travel to conduct the lecture tour, in the event that COVID-19 travel restrictions make international travel impossible.

II. How to Apply for a Grant

You will need to submit the following items by the relevant application deadline:


More: FY 2021 Notice of Funding Opportunity: Cultural Grants Program – Open Competition (DOS-PAS-SLO-2021-004)

Please send your entire proposal package (completed application form with an original signature on the last page, as well as Proposal Narrative) to the following address:

Public Affairs Section
U.S. Embassy Ljubljana
Attn: Mateja Jurič
Prešernova 31
1000 Ljubljana
Tel.: (01) 200 55-00

You should also send one (1) copy to the following e-mail address:

Compendium of Projects FY2019 (PDF 624 KB)

Grant proposals should include all of the information requested in the Application Guidelines. Proposals will not be considered unless all information is received. Proposals should be completed in English, or accompanied by an English translation. Budgets must be calculated in USD. Supporting documents may be in Slovenian.

It is the applicant’s responsibility to fill in all sections of the application form, provide the written narrative, and submit the complete package by the posted deadline, in order for the application to be considered. For an application to be deemed complete, full support material (including press kit, photos, videos, CDs and/or DVDs) must be submitted by mail to the address listed above by the appropriate deadline. Applicants should also attach a CV, resume or personal history of the participants from the United States who will be engaged in the project.

Application deadlines (for each fiscal year, which runs from October 1 to September 30):

• March 15 for projects beginning from May through October of the same year;
August 16 for projects beginning in October, November or December of the same year, or in January, February, March or April of the following year.

The Public Affairs Section welcomes proposals from alumni of U.S.-sponsored exchange programs.  Priority consideration will be given to alumni who:

  • Cooperate with other alumni to implement the grant.
  • Share with a wider community the knowledge or skills gained in the exchange program or training
  •  Explain how the project will enhance alumni professional development

III. Frequently Asked Questions

What exactly is the cultural grants program?

The cultural grants program is an endeavor by the Public Affairs Section of the Embassy to provide funding assistance for specific projects that support cultural exchanges and promote cultural ties between the United States and Slovenia. Grants are awarded to non-governmental, nonprofit organizations (NGOs) or qualified individuals in accordance with general criteria laid out in Section IV below. To be eligible for consideration, every applicant must be engaged in, or propose to carry out, a project whose purpose is to promote cultural exchanges and ties between the United States and Slovenia.

What kind of projects do you usually fund?

The Embassy has historically been most interested in projects relating to:
• cultural exchanges;
• artistic and cultural performances;
• exhibitions;
• workshops;
• lectures;
• readings; or
• cultural projects whose aim is to promote and deepen the understanding and appreciation of American culture in Slovenia.

What kind of projects do you usually NOT fund?

The U.S. Embassy will NOT fund the following types of projects:
• requests by organizations and individuals who are neither Slovenian nor American;
• those relating to partisan political activity;
• humanitarian or charitable activities;
• conferences and individual trips abroad;
• trade activities;
• fund-raising campaigns;
• commercial projects;
• scientific research;
• individuals not affiliated with an organization that can provide long-term sustainability to the project;
• book translations;
• projects aiming only at primary institutional development of the organization; or
• projects that duplicate existing projects.

Hint: While technically not an ineligibility, the Embassy will rarely fund third-country travel.  We have also historically preferred projects that take place in Slovenia.

Please also note:  the Embassy cannot provide grant funding for food and drink, or entertainment.

What are we looking for?

The Embassy is looking for projects with outstanding artistic, cultural, and educational merits.  In deciding which projects to support, the Embassy gives consideration to the full range and diversity of American cultural traditions and seeks to target geographically and demographically diverse audiences.  New grantees are given priority over previous grantees.

Proposals are evaluated according to the topic of the project, clearly formulated goals and target groups, and the ability of the applying organization to carry out the project aims.  Please make sure that your proposal is clear, detailed, and includes all elements requested in Section II above.

Proposed projects which meet the basic criteria outlined above will be considered for full or partial funding by the Embassy Grant Committee.

What is the maximum amount of a grant?

The maximum available for a cultural grant is $10,000, although most grants average between $3,000-$5,000. To ensure speedy review and processing, please provide a detailed cost breakdown for the entire project (not just the portion for which you are requesting funding), including specific categories for which the funds, if provided, will be used.  Budgets must be calculated in U.S. dollars.

When do I find out if my project has been selected for funding?

Grant Committee decisions will generally be communicated within one to two months after the application deadline.

What happens when the project is completed?

All successful applicants must complete and submit a formal narrative and financial report (to include the required Reporting Forms) to the Grant Commission within 30 days of the completion of the project. An accounting of the use of the grant funds must also be included. The information from this report will enable the Grant Commission to better evaluate future proposals.


The Public Affairs Office of the U.S. Embassy provides grants to American or Slovene groups and individuals for the promotion of the American culture abroad. These are governed by general eligibility guidelines and criteria outlined below, which supersede all previous ones.

Applications will be accepted from professional artists and professionals in the cultural field who are American or Slovene citizens and from not-for-profit arts or cultural organizations or institutions registered in the United States of America or in Slovenia. Special consideration in regards to this last requirement may be given to applications from younger American artists.

The evaluation of applications will be based on artistic quality, fiscal responsibility, cost-effectiveness, American content, length and variety of the proposed project and the relevance of the locations to U.S. current foreign and trade policy and, finally, the ability of the applicant to undertake an international project.

Projects must also meet the following basic conditions:

• demonstrated high standards of professional artistic quality;

• interest abroad from reputable and credible presenters or organizations. All applications must include basic information on these presenters and their relevance to future projects;

• demonstrated cost-effectiveness in terms of the number of performances, planning, itinerary and over-all budget;

• realistic revenues generated from fees paid to the artist by the local presenters on top of any box office split or contribution to local expenses; and

• all applications must include a brief history of the artist or company and information on the proposed project including repertoire. This information must be supplied no matter how many other applications have been filed previously. Applications not containing this information will be considered incomplete.

Conformity with General Guidelines and Criteria and basic conditions does not guarantee funding.