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Please note: The Department of State assumes no responsibility or liability for the professional ability or reputation of, or the quality of services provided by, the entities or individuals whose names appear on the following lists. Inclusion on this list is in no way an endorsement by the Department or the U.S. government. Names are listed alphabetically, and the order in which they appear has no other significance. The information on the list is provided directly by the local service providers; the Department is not in a position to vouch for such information.


Dušan POLIMAC, Ulica Bratov Vošnjak 12, tel. 03-490-4900, cell. 041-691-919, e-mail: polimac.dusan@t-1.si 


Robert HAJDINJAK; ER, cell. 031-321-299, e-mail: Robert.Hajdinjak@mf.uni-lj.si

Jani DERNIČ, Internist, Pulmonologist, Allergist, Polje 35a, cell. 051-280-201, e-mail: jani.dernic@sb-izola.si

Dušan DEISINGER, Gynecologist, cell. 051-280-225, e-mail: dusan.deisinger@sb-izola.si

Irena CETIN LOVSIN, Pediatrician, cell. 051-280-324, e-mail: irena.cetin@sb-izola.si


Aleksander GRUBIŠIČ, Surgeon, Specialist in Biliary, Pancreatic, and Pediatric Surgery, General Hospital, cell. 041-694-429, e-mail: alexgrubisic@hotmail.com




Dušan BUTINAR, Neurophysiologist, Zaloška 7, cell: 041-66 2824, e-mail: butinardusan@gmail.com

Dr. Jerneja AHCAN, Juventina baby, Vilharjev podhod 7, tel. 01-235-0870,  e-mail: baby@juventina.si

Matjaž ZWITTER, Oncologist, Zaloška 2, cell: 031-687-546, e-mail: Matjaz.Zwitter@guest.arnes.si


Primož KUS, Prijateljeva 2, tel. 01-426 6512, cell: 051 363 366

Aljosa DANIJELI, BARSOS Medical Center, Gregorčičeva 11, tel: 01-242 0700

Dr. PIRSH, dermatologist, Peričeva 27, tel. 080 4843

Doktor 24, Savska cesta 3, tel: +386 820 08240info@doktor24.si

Artros REHAB, specialists for knee, elbow, shoulder, foot, Modern PT Clinic as part of the ARTROS orthopedic facilities, Tehnološki park 22a, PT Mojca FERFOLJA, tel. 01-620 7472

MORELA, an eye clinic for basic eye exams and optometry, Dalmatinova 2, tel. 01-620 4312

ORTHOPS, orthopedic center for sport injuries  ( Dr. ANTOLIC), Prešernova 18, tel: 01-425 0738

Vesna VODUŠEK, asthma and allergology specialist for children, Regentova cesta 70, tel. 01-512 1868

ENT (Ear, Nose & Throat)
Miran RAKUS, Tbilisiska 59, tel. 01-257 4791

Martin WEISS, chiropractic, Cesta 24. junija 23, cell: 040 702 456

Tomaž FUCHS, physical therapy, Dunajska 194, tel: 01-569 1306, cell: 041 524 089

INSTITUTE FOR SPORT INJURIES, Koprska 94 a, cell: 030-603-545

SURGICAL CENTER ROŽNA DOLINA, Rožna dolina, cesta IV/45, tel. 01-477 9400, e-mail: info@ksrd.si
They perform outpatient examinations and surgical treatments in the following areas: abdominal surgery and proctology, vascular surgery, hand surgery, orthopedics, plastic surgery, surgery of the spine, ophthalmology, cosmetic surgery, urology and otorhinolaryngology, as well as ultrasound and X-ray diagnostics.

Clinic for Travelers medicine (Immunizations)
ZZVLJ, Zaloška 29, Public health care facilities for immunization, pre and post rabies exposure, tel. 01-586 3920

Darija STRAH, Gynecology & Obstetrics, Slamnikarska 3a, Domžale, tel. 0590 636 00, Fax. 0590 636 01, cell. 051-636 000

Bežigrajski dvor Clinic (OB/GYN specialists), Peričeva ul. 15, tel: 01-436 4300

English-Speaking Alcoholics Anonymous Meetings on Wednesday nights at 7:00 p.m., Podmilščakova 14 (Entrance in the rear), tel: 01-432 3001


Alojzij KOLENC, Urologist, General Hospital, cell: 041-412-270, e-mail: Kolenc.Alojzij@gmail.com