Disaster Preparedness, Prevention and Management Workshop: A Case Study on Flooding

“We do not want to meet at a disaster, we want to know each other before we get there”. Mr. Michael Willis from the Colorado Office of Emergency Management led a session at a recent crisis response workshop with this important warning. That’s why the United States was proud to collaborate with Slovenian government agencies on disaster relief education and crisis response tactics this week through a workshop focused on mutual cooperation, and the exchange of information and ideas on how to better prepare, manage and recover from a natural or man-made disasters. Through this collaboration, the two countries brought together all the necessary stakeholders who would play critical roles in assisting Slovenians in the event of an emergency or crisis situation. The Administration of the Republic of Slovenia for Civil Protection and Disaster Relief along with the Colorado National Guard, Slovenian Police, Slovenian Armed Forces and other foreign participants spent 3 days reviewing a case study on a real-world example from Colorado. The lessons learned on local, regional and national response and the complexity of managing inter-agency approach while using the Incident Command System (ICS) was a tremendous experience for all the participants.