Ambassador Lynda Blanchard’s Remarks for VE Day 75th Anniversary

8 May 20202  – Thank you to President Pahor for bringing us together to mark this important milestone in world history, and to my fellow ambassadors for being here to celebrate the solidarity that led us to victory in Europe.

As we pay tribute to the brave forces who fought for our freedom, and remember those who made the ultimate sacrifice alongside so many innocent civilian victims of World War II, we must take this opportunity to rededicate ourselves to the principles for which they fought. For humanity, tolerance, and freedom from tyranny.

Like many, I have spent a lot of time walking on the Pot around Ljubljana in recent weeks and thinking of those who endured the darkest days of the war. In these challenging times, we should seek inspiration from them and their determination at this moment 75 years ago to rise from ruin by working ever more closely together to build relationships based on peace and partnership; prosperous, interconnected economies; and a more just society.

Just as we do today, our forefathers saw better days on the horizon and recognized that we would have to work together to make them a reality. So with that, I reiterate that we are all in this together – Skupaj Zmoremo.


Ambassador Lynda Blanchard’s Remarks for VE Day 75th Anniversary translated in Slovene.