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Ambassador Blanchard Tries Some New Wheels at Drive-In Cinema in Ljubljana
September 15, 2020


Drive-In Cinema, a unique rejuvenation of a classic American cultural showcase, is making a comeback all over the world, thanks to the COVID pandemic. Patented in 1933 in New Jersey, the concept is nearly a century old, and represents what many consider to be the “golden age” of American cinema culture. Americans and Slovenians share a deep appreciation for cinema and its contributions to our societies. We understand that art and culture bring us together in unique ways and help us create and nurture mutual understanding. That’s why we joined with with Kino Bežigrad for a special September edition of this very popular movie experience. Kino Bezigrad’s Drive-In Cinema is offering American film classics, as well as new and current films. Most recently, and in honor of the recent 50th anniversary of the Apollo 11 moon landing (and subsequent Apollo missions), the arrival of the lunar sample from NASA at Noordung Center in Vitanje, we sponsored “First Man”, a biopic of Neil Armstrong that depicts his early career, family life, and the challenges and opportunities of being a NASA astronaut during the drive to reach the moon. And to make this night even more special, Ambassador Blanchard strapped on a pair of roller skates and joined the fun by serving popcorn to visitors!